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Because our business is to produce humanely-raised and processed animal products, we strive to ensure that the businesses we support and utilize share our commitment to the humane care of animals. 

Butcher:  Because of their commitment to quality and their treatment of our animals, we have chosen Maple Lane Farms in Charleston, Maine as our butcher.  Barry and Mary Higgins and the rest of the crew at MLF understand that you can't produce a quality meat product from overly stressed livestock. They have always treated our animals with respect before and during processing. If you are interested in learning more about Maple Lane Farms, you can check out their website at:

Veterinary services:  Our vet, Ridge Runner Veterinary Hospital in Winterport, Maine, has always provided us with excellent service for our horses and goats!  Check them out on FaceBook at:

Beef feeder cattle:  We have purchased our feeder calves from the McPherson Family Farm of Vassalboro, Maine for three years now and have been thrilled with the cattle!  They have been good gainers, easy to manage, and have finished into fantastic beef that our customers rave about.  Most importantly, they are a small family farm, too, and care very much for their animals so we know they have had a great start before they come here.  McPherson Farm is on FaceBook at:

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